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Corruption in Brazil: The Petrobras Scandal

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The Petrobras scandal that engulfed Brazil is still making headlines nearly two years after it was exposed. An enormous bribery and corruption scandal involving one of Brazil’s most prominent companies, it crossed continents, involved billions of dollars, sent convulsions across business and society and reached the summit of Brazilian politics. This is a scandal that is refusing to disappear. Just this week it was revealed that two partners of the law firm Mossack Fonseca – whose hacked documents last year were dubbed the Panama Papers - have been arrested in relation to money laundering charges concerning the Petrobras scandal. The Petrobras scandal is a complex story, with many actors playing their part in a murky affair that is still being unravelled today. The following Prezi takes a closer at this fascinating story and the subsequent upheaval it left in its wake.

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Bad Romance: Don’t ‘fall’ for fraud this Valentine’s Day

by: (Research and Development Manager) on

With Valentine’s Day upon us again - and sales of flowers, chocolates, and champagne go through the roof as loved up couples seek to celebrate this ‘day of love’ - it seems that singletons use this day as an opportunity too. According to a survey, the majority of people who use online dating will actually increase their usage around Valentine’s Day. However, with increased dating website/app usage comes increased ‘dating fraud’.

Is your client a money launderer?

by: (Senior Research and Development Manager) on

Googled it? We offer insight to firms who vet their customers for ‘negative news’ or ‘adverse information’ through various methods of screening.

Non-compliance not worth the gamble for casinos

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Vegas-style casinos are not something associated with the British high street, but it’s not uncommon to see casinos in towns and cities across the country.

Modern Slavery Act: compliance for businesses operating in the UK

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Modern slavery is a global issue that takes many guises and has the capacity to impact on businesses across many industry sectors.

Enforcing corporate liability for economic crime - is it all worthwhile?

by: (AML/Financial Crime Course Director) on

Failure to prevent economic crime means further increasing the legal and regulatory burden – but is it really necessary?

Kroll Global Fraud Report: Fraud the new normal

by: (Editorial Manager) on

We summarise the findings of Kroll, the risk consultancy firm, who recently released their annual Global Fraud and Risk Report.

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Corruption - Grease or sand in the wheels of an economy?

by: (AML/Financial Crime Prevention Course Director) on

It’s that time of year again when I find myself wondering what the future will bring and reflecting on the past.

Top 3 Reasons to Study Financial Crime Prevention with ICT

by: (Financial Crime Compliance Course Director) on

It’s enrolment time again and looking at the emails flying around I got to thinking why I chose an ICA Financial Crime Prevention (FCP) qualification, how it helped me and if would I do it again.

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US long reach just got a little longer

by: (Director ICT Academic Faculty) on

For the last decade non-US financial services firms have become increasingly aware of the risk of US law enforcement action, regulatory sanction or litigation hitting them hard, even when their physical location or business activities in the US are limited.

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